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Pi Art - 399 KB. The internet's best collection of pi pictures and art!

Pi music - 4.48 KB. Here's some music someone made using the digits of pi, but I can't remember how he did it.

Pi screensaver - 20 KB. Here's a screensaver that calculates pi on your screen. (May only be Windows compatible)

For Windows

PiFast 4.3 - 152 KB. This baby can do some serious calculating. (Although newer version is due out soon. I will post it as soon as it is availible.) It won't go below 10,000 digits, but can go above 200 million with 200 MB Ram in under 3 hours. Also can do one million in just 11 seconds. Calculates "e" and the sqr2, too. Here's the PiFast Home page.

QPi 2.7 - 134 KB. Quick Pi has been deemed by many to be the fastest pi calculator for the PC. Be sure to read the instructions--it's a command line program, and the options are not obvious.

PiCalc - 9.45 KB. In my opinion, the best small-digit pi calculator out there, goes to about a million digits. Perfect and uncumbersome for small digit calculations. Here's PiCalc's home page.

Pi 4 & 8 - 96.9 KB. Two pi programs that both calculate pi and save the results in strings without spaces. I quite frankly, don't know what the difference is between them. I think Pi8 is faster, though.

Super Pi - 73.2 KB. Deemed the eighth fastest pi calculator for the PC, it will calculate digits until it fills a pre-determined storage space. Unfortuantly, it is pretty limited in how many digits it can do in comparison to major calculations.

PiTrainer - 12.6 KB. A nifty program for you to check your learned pi digits against. Input them into the blank and it will correct you once you hit a wrong number. Visit PiTrainer's home page. It also requires .NET framework 1.1.

BCalc - 84.3 KB. This isn't one of those sissy 8 or 10 digit calculators. This is a manly calculator *grunt-grunt*. This calculator was written specifically for Windows and provides the option to go over 5,000 digits in any calculation. Perfect for testing new pi formulas! Here's BCalc's home page.

Calc98 - 131 KB. An excellent scientific calculator by and for Windows.

For Mac

Pi Memorama! - 20.2 KB. Here's a pi-in-general program. I haven't tested it yet, 'cause I'm on Windows, so e-mail me if it does/doesn't work.


Pi Related Links:

* Shigeru Kondo - The homepage of the PC pi-calculation world record setter.

* Xavier Gourdon - The home page of the master-mind behind the PiFast calculator series.

* PiFast world records - An up-to-date site that gives stats on the latest PiFast calculation records.

* Stu's pi page - Great site, plus detailed pi-calculator breakdowns.

* Pi World Ranking List - The best pi-memorization record site on the 'net.

Wolfram pi formulas - Mathematical breakdown of pi into more formulas than you probably thought existed.

Memorization records - Some fairly interesting memorization records.

Otanoshimi Page - Contains 400 million digits of pi. Unforuantly, the "human compatible" ones do not download, you have to view them. So to save them off, just right-click anywhere once the whole page is loaded, and click "View Source"--then save what pops up in the window. Although, you could just download them from my page.

Google's Pi listings - View a Google search for "pi".

Pi Trivia - How well do you actually know pi? Test yourself here.

Pi Trainer - Test and hone your learned pi digits.

Pi Search - Search for any string of numbers inside of the first 100 million digits of pi.

Pi books - Buy some of the best pi oriented books written.

A pi history - Get a more chatty version of pi's background.

Pi and The Matrix - Did you know that pi shows up in the blockbuster film series The Matrix? Well, it does. Learn how here.

Pi word search - Search for pi-related hidden words in this jumble.

Pi and the Fibonocci numbers - The relation between pi and the Fibonocci Series.

* - Donates associated pi site.

More Stuff By Me:

WWSeti - The site for the SETI team I belong to.

My Search Engine Collection - Over 25 of the best Search Engines on the web all on one easy-to-use page.

Seti Related Links:

Seti@Home - The home page for Seti@Home.

World Wide Seti - The Seti@Home team I belong to!

WWSeti forums - And here's our forums. Drop by and discuss Seti and ET, or just chill...

WWSeti rankings - Here's our team's rankings.

Other Links:

Math Jokes - The best math jokes ever. Check out the other topics too!

Computer jokes - More computer-related jokes than you can shake a stick at.

Computer Gear - Need something that expresses you and your connection with computers? Need a binary clock/watch/tie? Get it here.

Windows, (and computer in general) jokes - Jokes out the wazoo!!!

How Stuff Works - Wanna know how something works? This site has everything from lock-picking to coding in Java.

Metapad - Do you use Notepad? You do? Fool! Use Metapad, an upgraded text-editor with absolutely zero bugs.

STL's page - Here's the site of a Cal Tech student. It's got enough stuff to keep you busy for days...

Matrix ASCII clips - View some famous scenes from "The Matrix" in ASCII animation. Be warned, though, it takes a while to load...

Bullet Time ASCII - Watch Neo and Agent Brown dodge bullets in "character time".

Star Wars Episode V ASCII - Almost the entire movie in ASCIImation!

Lots of smilies - Just about every smilie you'll ever need for your posting.

Movie Slipups - Look here for detailed documentation on movie mistakes.

Dave Barry - You have not lived until you have read one of his columns. He is, without question, the funniest man on the planet!

Fun math problems - Here's a page of interesting math problems that you should at least check out.

The Chaos Theory - The fundementals of the theory...

WhatIsMyIP - An interesting page that instantly displays your IP address.

ShowMyIP - Just visit this site, and it shows you more about your computer than you would think possible...

Script for above - Script for building the previous two pages.

HoldTheButton - Just click your mouse on a button, and see how long you can keep it there.... OK, it's kinda stupid.... OK, it's very stupid, but I put it here so more people could hate it...

Stupid computer folks - Pictures of stupid (and real) things people have done with their computers and computer parts. Including, but not limited to, atm cards and casino coins in floppy drives. Just click the first image to enlarge it, and your off.

Computer tips and tricks - Some tips and tricks for making your computer a bit more custimized. (Look for a link on the left-hand side for: Computer Tips.)

TerraFly - Get awesome pics of where you live from above!

Physics limericks - Some pretty cool physics poems and stuff.


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