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About the nut behind this Pi page.....
Hey, my name is Bradley Conte, known on the' net usually by "B-Con". I live in the country outside of Sacramento, CA, on about 3 acres of land. I'm a home-schooled 16 year-old with a passion for math. I developed an interest in pi one day when I was reading a quantum physics book, and the writer acknowledged that a friend of his knew 30 digits of pi. I immediately decided to learn the first 10, and at least obtain the first 100. At the time, I actually thought that to be big stuff. Now I have memorized 570 digits, and have obtained 400 million via the Otanoshimi page.

I am also into calculating pi. Using Pi Fast 4.3 I have personally calculated one billion and one decimal digits of pi, a feat that took about 16 hours using 384 MB of ram, out of (at the time) 512. Next time, though, I hope to use my own program. I am slowly learning C++ in an effort to build my own pi calculation program.

I don't spend all of my time calculating pi, I also manage this website and have become a frequent poster on the WWSeti forum, a forum for a Seti team called World Wide Seti.

It should also be mentioned here (for potential legal reasons or whatever), that for this site I pulled extensively from a book called The Joy of Pi.

Here's the specs on my custom computer:

P4 2.4 GHz
1 GB DDR PC3200 Dual-Channal Kingston ram
G-Force FX--5600 AGP 256 DDR memory 8X w/ TV-out video card
VIA motherboard (3 DIMM slots, 5 PCI slots, AGP port), 533 Mhz FSB
56x CD
52x24x52 CD-RW 
floppy drive (duh)
Predator 5.1 DSP sound card
3 fans
350 Watt power supply
optical mouse
Labtec Spin 75 speakers
gaming port
6 USB, 2 Firewire
normal headphones jack, mike, yadda yadda...
Win XP Home

My pi calculation time records:

10,000 digits: 0.03 sec.
1,000,000 digits: 6.2 sec.
10,000,000 digits: 102.5 sec.

My Updates:

October 27 - The HighPi Forums are up, more or less...
October 25 - Frank Tackitt records the 1,000th hit.
October 9 - Aaron Brogley records the 500th hit.
October 8 - I mathematically prove that my arccos-1 formula is equal to pi.
September 29 - My new computer is finally fully functional.
August 19 - Updates to the digits section are complete. Now, a total of 200 million digits are availible for download. Also, HighPi has climbed up overall in multiple Goggle and Yahoo searches.
August 2 - HighPi is now the TOP result in Yahoo search "download pi digits", 6th in "pi art", third top result in Google search "download pi digits", and 7th and 8th in a search for "pi art"!
July 27 - HighPi records hit #100.
July 26 - 100 million digits are now availible for download.
July 21 - Restructured the home page.
July 19 - CaptainKangaroo (not his real name) records hit #50.
July 18 - Calculated one billion and one digits of pi.
July 9 - My 16th birthday!
July 1 - This site is up and running...


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